Herb -, liquorice – and mint liqueurs 50cl 35.0%

13,90 1L / 27,80 €

The basic extract of Jägermeister is produced from 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots, woods, leaves, barks, resins, seeds and fruit ingredients by means of an alcoholic extraction procedure (maceration). For maturation, the basic extract is storedin oak barrels for approximately twelve months before water, alcohol, sugar and caramelized sugar are added to produce Jägermeister liqueur.Dark brown, medium full bodied, sharp, medicinal herb notes, hint of liquorice, spicy

Product code23055
Size50 cl
Alc. content35.0 %
Origin countryGermany
Product typeHerb -, liquorice - and mint liqueurs
Total13.90 €