Sangria BIB 300 cl 10.0%

17,90 1L / 5,97 €

DETUNDA Sangria is handcrafted in the traditional Spanish Sangria Style. It is based on young and fresh wines.
A fruity drink with hints of citrus and berries resulting in a balanced acidity and sweetness. Our Sangria blend is the ultimate summer sipper.
Enjoy best served chilled with ice cubes, slices or chunks of lemon, orange, strawberry’s or apple to give it a personal touch.
Residual sugar: <60g/l

Region: Extremadura
Product code250136
Size300 cl
Alc. content10.0 %
Origin countrySpain
Sweetness levelSweet
Tasting profileLight-bodied
Product typeSangria
Total17.9 €