Campo Pietra

Appassimento Organic 6x75 cl 15.0%

46,90 1L / 10,42 €

The wine is produced in the Southern part of Italy where the climate is steadily influenced by the presence and the proximity of the sea that makes it typically Mediterranean with its dry summers and temperate winters.
The zone is not so geologically complex and the soil is mainly constituted by limestone and clay even if karst rocks are very diffused because of the circulation of underground water in conduits and caves.
The viticulture, rooted here from the ancient time, is mostly concentrated in the southern part of Italy even if is diffused on the entire territory and preserve often the traditional “alberello” training method for vines.

Campo Pietra is produced by dried grapes. The selected bunches have to dry inside the same baskets where they have been harvested during the first half of September. The drying period lasts until the grapes lose the 50% of their weight.
The wine has a deeply bright red colour showing delicate purple hues in the glass. The complex aromas of blackberry, spirited cherries and plums’ jam fill the palate, while hints of elegant spices linger in the background.

Warm and round mouthfeel with balanced tannins, makes it suitable for creamy risotto with cheese and butter, grilled beef and mature cheeses. Serving temperature 16-18°C

Grapes: Primitivo, Negroamaro
Region: Italy
Product code748993
Size450 cl
Alc. content15.0 %
Origin countryItaly
Tasting profileFull-bodied
Product typeRed wine
PackagingGlass bottle
Total46.9 €