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XO 100cl 40.0%

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The Braastad family has strived to perfect the art of Cognac for hundreds of years. For the making of Braastad XO, the wine is distilled in-house and matured in old oak casks in dark, damp cellars by the river Charentes.

Aroma: Well developed and complex aroma with mature fruit and floral tones combined with oak from the long maturation
Taste: Very soft and round, and elegantly matured Cognac with a well-balanced oak character, and a stroke of rancio
Colour: Dark golden with reddish tones
Finish: Long, complex aftertaste with hints of dark chocolate, nuts and citrusAmber-brown, medium full bodied, aged, sharp, apricot notes, light cocoa notes, oak notes

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Size100 cl
Alc. content40.0 %
Origin countryFrance
Product typeCognac XO/ Extra
Total63.90 €