XO 100 cl 40.0%

26,90 1L / 26,90 €

Beehive is born in 1852 from the bold dream of two French pioneers, Edouard ADET and Gustave CURCIER, who left Bordeaux for the promise of prosperity in Australia. In the early 1850s, they set sail with brandy on board. Beehive founder Edouard Adet made frequent trade trips between Bordeaux and Australia – and his entrepreneurial spirit did not go unnoticed. LA RUCHE, the French word for beehive, was the product’s original name. As Beehive’s reputation spread, it became difficult to pronounce in some countries. Inspired by the vivid illustration on the label, people just called it BEEVIVE. Pleasant and easy to say, the nickname was embraced as the official name. Proud of its unique identity, BEEHIVE adopted a beautifully sculpted bottle taking inspiration from the shape of a natural beehive.

Robust notes of fig and raisin are balanced by the zingy fruitiness of apricot and peach, countered with hint of Armagnac.
Product code244244
Size100 cl
Alc. content40.0 %
Origin countryFrance
Product typeBrandy
PackagingGlass bottle
Total26.9 €