Green Apple 4x50 cl 18.0%

16,00 1L / 8,00 €

Rohelise õuna liköör is a versatile and flavorful liqueur that offers a unique taste experience with its rich notes of green apples. High-quality green apples have been carefully selected and used in the making of this liqueur to create a refreshing and mild-tasting drink.

Rohelise õuna liköör is known for its balanced and fruity flavor, with a pleasant sweetness and a hint of gentle acidity. Its rich aroma and natural apple taste make it an ideal choice for enjoying neat or as an ingredient in various cocktails.

Discover the delicious world of Rohelise õuna liköör and let yourself be carried away by its refreshing apple notes. Whether it’s a joyful addition to festive moments or a relaxing treat in everyday life, this liqueur is sure to delight your taste buds.

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Product code920569
Size200 cl
Alc. content18.0 %
Origin countryEstonia
Product typeFruit and berry liqueurs
PackagingPET bottle
Total16 €