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Riesling Feinherb 6x75 cl 12.0%

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Indulge in the enchanting world of Abtei Himmerod Riesling Feinherb, a captivating German white wine hailing from the picturesque Mosel region. Ready-to-drink and boasting a sweetness level of 25 g/l, this wine invites you to savor its harmonious blend of flavors.

Embark on a sensory journey as red fruit, cocoa, and forest floor unite to create an earthy, fruity nose that captivates the senses. From the very first sip, Abtei Himmerod Riesling Feinherb unveils its essence with a bouquet of fresh fragrances, where citrus and green apple dance gracefully on the nose.

Crafted from a delicate blend of Tempranillo and Riesling grapes, this wine offers a rich mouthfeel that harmoniously marries modest tannins with subtle oakiness. With every sip, cherries and cocoa make their presence known, adding depth to the experience.

Abtei Himmerod Riesling Feinherb’s true character shines through on the palate, where the flavors of citrus peel and apple take center stage. Lively acidity adds a refreshing zest, and an understated minerality adds a touch of elegance to each sip. As you explore the layers of flavor, you’ll find the finish to be both fresh and lingering, leaving behind a sensation that’s highly invigorating.

Whether paired with appetizers, fish, vegetarian dishes, or Asian cuisine, Abtei Himmerod Riesling Feinherb complements a variety of culinary delights, enhancing every dining experience.

For those well-acquainted with Riesling, the delicate minerality present in this wine will be a familiar and welcome note. From the delightful fragrance to the palate-enchanting flavors, Abtei Himmerod Riesling Feinherb captures the essence of Mosel’s winemaking artistry. Discover a world of balance, freshness, and refinement in each sip.

Grapes: Riesling
Region: Mosel

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Product code933728
Size450 cl
Alc. content12.0 %
Origin countryGermany
Sweetness levelSemi-dry
Product typeWhite wine
PackagingGlass bottle
Total45.9 €