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TOP 10 OFFERS FOR SUMMER FESTIVITIES: Summer is at its peak and and the time of summer parties and festivals is in full swing. Order your party drinks conveniently and quickly from Tallink Pre-Order.

The prices are now even better due to reduced excise tax and there is no pledge for purchased boxed goods.


  1. Karjala Export 18x33cl 9,99 €
  2. Hartwall Original Long Drink 24x33cl 19,50 €
  3. Komandor Brew Tallink Exclusive 24x33cl 11,99 €
  4. Törley Talisman 6x75cl 22,90 €
  5. JP. Chenet Medium Sweet White 300cl 14,90 €
  6. JP. Chenet Medium Sweet Red 300 cl 14,90 €
  7. Captain Morgan Dark 1L 18,90 €
  8. Koskenkorva Viina 1L 13,99 €
  9. Saaremaa Vodka 80% 10x50cl 129,89 €
  10. Coca-Cola 2x24x33cl 17,90 €

Why to order from Tallink Pre-Order?

  • Favourable prices and the best deals;
  • Wide range of products and various packets;
  • Quick and professional service;
  • Convenient shopping environment and secure payments;
  • Club One customers collect valuable bonus points on their purchases.

We wish you a pleasant summer and comfortable shopping at Tallink Pre-Order!

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