Carefully selected Tallink´s ship wines are high quality and unjoyable and they help to make yoyr special events even more festive. | Tallink Pre-Order | E-shop for cruise passengers

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Carefully selected Tallink´s ship wines are high quality and unjoyable and they help to make yoyr special events even more festive.

We gladly introduce you four of our special ship´s wines – fresh and fruity Allegranza Tempranillo-Shiraz´ red wine, Montgravet Sauvignon Blanc premium white wine with intense flavors and soft texture, La Gioiosa Aurea Blanc de Blancs Brut sparkling wine and rich and pure Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur Extra Age.

REGION: Castilla La Mancha
GRAPES: Tempranillo, Shiraz
Our winemakers search out only the oldest and finest vineyards around Spain. The old vines from our collection Allegranza came from Spanish wine regions that have been making wines for more than 2000 years.
Allegranza is our tribute to life – it represents the joy of seeing beauty in every day little things.
Allegranza is made with carefully selected Tempranillo and Shiraz grapes, from the best bush vines, aged over 30 years old. It’s aged four months in French oak barrels. This gives gentle touch of oak that enhance, but do not overpower the fruitiness, rather keeps the wine fresh and fruity.
Carefully selected grapes, 80% Tempranillo, 20% Shiraz. Cold maceration for 48h at 5º.  Fermentation at 24-28º for 12-18 days. Aged four months in 100% French oak barrels.
A very fresh and fruity, it is perfect to enjoy at any time and occasion. It is also great to combine with grilled meat or roast beef, accompanied with grilled mushrooms with butter. Also great with poultry.
Its fruitiness makes good to highlight the spiciness of Asian cuisine.
Serving temperature: 14-15°C.

ORIGIN: France
REGION: Gascogne
GRAPES: Sauvignon Blanc
The sun-drenched days in Southern France make for a great environment for grapes to grow and ripen. During the nights, the cool and moist ocean winds from the Atlantic Ocean help the grapes develop their wonderful fruit aromas. The soil consists of mostly clay and gravel, and water is stored in the soil during the wetter spring time. During the hot and dry summer moisture is then released from the soil for the vines to use.  The name of the wine is derived from “mont”, which are the southern faced slopes of the vineyards and “gravet”, which is what the soil is called locally.
The grapes first undergo a six hour skin contact fermentation to extract as much of the fruit aromas as possible. After fermentation the wine is left to rest on the lees for three months, further enhancing the smoothness and texture of the wine.
This smooth wine with intense flavors of fruit pairs wonderfully with salads and different fish and seafood dishes.
Serving temperature: 6-8 oC.  

REGION: Veneto
GRAPES: Glera, Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco
Devoted to wine culture for many generations, the Moretti Polegato family has hand-crafted the traditional winemaking with modern approach around the historical Villa Sandi, which dates back to 1622 and is nowadays the headquarter of their wine empire. Located in the heart of Valdobbiadene area, well renowned for the production of top quality prosecco, Villa Sandi stands at the forefront of making elegant sparkling wines with fresh, flowery and fruity notes, that makes it unique.
La Gioiosa is part of the Villa Sandi portfolio, dedicated to high-end customers.
Freshly picked grapes are gently pressed to get the first run juice, which is fast cooled to 0C and stored into temperature controlled tanks, until it is blended and used for the secondary fermentation of this delicate sparkling wine. In this unique way, La Gioiosa preserves the utmost freshness and essence of the territory throughout the year, like it was pressed and produced from freshly picked grapes, every single time.
Excellent as an aperitif, a sparkling for celebration, or, at any time of the day.
For food pairing, mouthwatering match with raw shellfish and fresh seafood, ham and melon.
Serve chilled at 6-8° C.

ORIGIN: France
REGION: Champagne
GRAPES: Chardonnay 40%, Pinot Noir 40%, Meunier 20%
Champagne Ayala, founded by Edmond de Ayala in 1860, is one of the longest-established Champagne Houses. Based in Aÿ, Champagne Ayala is surrounded by the finest Champagne vineyards. Champagne Ayala is a true Boutique House with a contemporary spirit, crafting champagnes known for their freshness and elegance.
Brut Majeur Extra Age is a blend of the finest Chardonnay (40%), Pinot Noir (40%) and Meunier (20%) wines benefiting from a long at least 48 months aging in Champagne Ayala’s cellars. This is one year longer than the aging of the House’s emblematic cuvée, Brut Majeur. Long aging combined with low dosage, only 7g per liter, provides depth and complexity to Brut Majeur Extra Age champagne, whilst remaining fresh and elegant.
Brut Majeur Extra Age is rich and pure champagne with great balance, layered structure and notes of citrus, white fruit, almonds and cashew, leading to a long and fresh finish. This cuvée is perfect for the aperitif or to match with fish, shellfish, white meats or cheeses.
Serving temperature: 10°C.

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