The August crayfish feasts are about to begin. Order drinks that go well with crayfishes from Tallink Pre-Order.

On warm August evenings, crayfish fishing has been practiced on the shores of the Baltic Sea from generation to generation. The traditional crayfish feast originated in Sweden, where monks preferred to eat crayfish during the fast and has now grown into a beloved summer end party with family and friends.

To open the crayfish feast, we recommend aquavit, which prepares the taste senses for eating crayfish cooked with large dill inflorescence. If the caraway-flavoured spirit drink does not taste for you at all, it can be replaced with cold vodka. Cold bubbly cavas and light semi-dry white wines are also suitable for drink with crustaceans.

On cool evenings, hot tea or cocoa, which can be mixed with cognac or rum if desired, warms you the best.