Be ready for Midsummer Day!

On the whitest night of the year, it’s the right time to enjoy light white or rosé wines. In our selection you will find also quality Tallink ship wines of French origin, which are currently lightly priced in summer – white wine Montgravet Sauvignon Blanc Premium and rosé wine Henri Gaillard Rose IGP Mediterranee.

When visiting your friends, it is worth grabbing a spacious bag-in-box parcel wine – white, red or rosé. The cardboard packaging of the wine can be safely burned in the bonfire – so there won´t be a lot of garbage left after the party.

From our selection you will also find ciders both drier and sweeter, and beers both Estonian (A. Le Coq, Saku, Karl Friedrich, etc) and foreign (Karelia, Lapin Kulta, Koff, Heineken, Tuborg, Carlsberg, etc).

No deposit will be added to canned drinks purchased from Tallink Pre-Order – this way you will save a deposit of € 2.40 for each 24 x 33 cl box.

We recommend you to drink at least a glass of water with each amount of alcohol consumed, so you´ll feel good next morning after the Midsummer. Day. Choose the one you like the best from our non-alcoholic drinks.

Have a safe Midsummer Day and a spirited white night!

NB! It is not possible to place orders for a ship departing from Tallinn at 7:30 a.m. on June 24.